EarthBiAs2014 – Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences 2014

EarthBiAs2014 is organised by the School of Sciences of the University of the Aegean, in collaboration with Global Network for Environmental Science and Technology (GNEST). It is an international Summer School in Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences and will be held in Rhodes from 7 to 11 of July 2014. The term “Big Data” refers to various forms of large amount of data, which requires specific computing platforms for their analysis.


In this new era of data-intensive systems and demand for evidence-based decisions/actions upon critical societal challenges, it is more than essential to build new curricula shaping the future BIG DATA experts. New value chains of OPEN, LINKED and BIG DATA management, analysis and processing have been created, in order for businesses and public administrations to exploit this new potential. Consequently, reformation and restructure of business processes in both domains have evolved in the creation of new positions striving out for data scientists or to be more precise BIG DATA experts.

The challenges on OPEN, LINKED and BIG DATA include acquisition, curation, storage, searching, sharing, transferring, analysis, and visualization.

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