chance of employment within up to 3 months


programmes of studies


programmes of studies

(2 or 3) + 1


(2 or 3) + 1

semesters, depending on the MSc programme


week in Samos per semester


week in Samos per semester


The programme of studies was multifaceted and well-rounded, combining a broad range of subjects, such as marketing, accounting, business administration and e-business.

Aggelilki Androutsopoulou, PhD, Obrela Security Industries

My studies in Samos not only helped me build my profile as an engineer, but also provided me with invaluable partnerships for my future research and professional career.

Dr Nikos Nomikos, Research Associate, University of the Aegean

During my postgraduate studies I had the chance to work in international and national research projects  in the field of e-government (e.g. ENGAGE, PADGETS, NOMAD, PLUG-IN) and collaborate with leading researchers throughout the world.

Charis Alexopoulos, PhD, Postdoc Researcher

The specialized knowledge that I acquired from the MSc in Information and Communication Systems Security helped me find employment in the security department of one of the country’s biggest corporations.

Chara Vasileiadou, Sales Director, Census S.A.

The direct contact with my professors allowed me to gain knowledge about theoretical and applied research issues in the area of information systems security. I have been working for a number of years now in the Joint Research Centre of the European Union.

Dimitris Geneiatakis, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra

Studying for the MSc in Information and Communication Systems Security and pursuing a doctoral diploma in the same area of studies truly provided me with useful knowledge and experience, allowing me to successfully meet the requirements of academic research on an international level.

Dimitrios Damopoulos, Postdoc Researcher, Stevens Institute of Technology, NY, USA

The MSc programme helped me understand new technologies in depth and taught me the way to implement such technologies to solve problems and, therefore, contribute to research and creation of new knowledge.

Giorgos Santipantakis, PhD Candidate

The in-depth development of my skills and knowledge, made possible by the assistance and guidance of the academic staff, enabled me to set the bar high and find employment as an analyst/developer overseas.

Vasilis Verras, Analyst / Developer

The MSc studies gave me the necessary skills to meet the new challenges I was going to face as a novice engineer and researcher in an international environment.

Sokratis Vavylis, TU/e Researcher

My active involvement in large-scale research projects gave me the chance to upgrade my job skills and, most importantly, to make the most of the knowledge I acquired in the long run.

Prodromos Makris, ICSD PhD Candidate

Both the teaching and the administrative staff formed a helpful and friendly academic “family”, which enabled students not only to progress in their studies, but also to nurture further ambitions.

Aris Anastasiadis, Armed Forces Officer

The MSc formed the basis for my professional development, providing training in cutting-edge technologies and modern methods for software analysis and development.

Chrysanthi Papamichail, IT Counsellor in European Dynamics SA

The broad range of subjects, the effective teaching processes and the teaching staff’s expertise were key for completing my studies and fully acquiring the desired skills and competencies.

Evaggelia Drakou, PhD Candidate