About the Department


Currently, the vision of a European information society is becoming a reality in order to eliminate technical, social and economic barriers and establish national and European infrastructures in information technology; therefore, developing functional and up-to-date information and communication systems is becoming an urgent necessity.

The main mission of the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering is to produce highly skilled graduates, able to think creatively and critically, and to utilize modern information and communication technologies in the design, management and development of information and communication systems. The Department’s educational activities are combined with extensive research, aiming at producing new knowledge and spreading it throughout the Greek, European and international world.


Career Opportunies

The field of information and communication technologies (ICT) constitutes the most dynamic part of the economy and takes up approximately 6% of the European GDP. The widespread use of modern technologies has led to the development of a “new economy”.

The term new economy denotes the transformation of economic activities at a time when digital technology makes information access, process and storage cheaper and easier. The massive amount of information has dramatically changed the way markets operate, resulting in a restructuring of businesses and defining economic success through the good use of available information.

In this new economy, the competitiveness of a modern business and the effectiveness of an organisation are increasingly dependent upon the way or degree to which new technologies are assimilated and new organisational patterns are developed.

At the same time, however, there can be noticed a significant “skills gap”; an imbalance, in other words, in the equilibrium between supply of and demand for a workforce which is specialized in new ICT technologies. This issue becomes particularly crucial considering the requirements of the new economy. Therefore, demand for ICT specialists has become significantly high both nationally and internationally.

The goal of the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering is to train the members of our “digital” society and effectively contribute to this new economy by providing specialized personnel, one of the most burning issues nowadays. This goal, alongside a thorough and varied programme of studies, teaching methods and active connection to the market (through internship programmes and lectures by business executives), greatly increases graduates’ employability.

The Department’s graduates have abundant options of employment both in the private and in the public sector. Some career possibilities are listed below:

  • Employment in companies that develop ICT systems
  • Employment in the IT sectors of organisations and companies that utilize ICT systems
  • Employment in private or public education
  • Offering consulting services
  • Taking business initiatives
  • Working as analysts/software developers and supervisors in ICT and network projects
  • Employment in private or public education
  • Doing research

Campus & Location

The Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering is located in Karlovasi, Samos. Classes and administrative/support services are offered in a number of buildings.

Lymperis building
  • Teaching staff offices
  • Research staff/PhD candidates’ offices
  • Admissions office
  • Myrto classroom (seats 30 people)
  • Doryssa classroom (seats 20 people)
  • Electra lab (seats 50 people)
  • Alkmini lab (seats 50 people)
  • Phaedra lab (seats 50 people)
  • Doryssa lab (seats 50 people)
School building
  • Room 1 (seats 90 people)
  • Room 3 (seats 70 people)
  • Demetra room (seats 30 people)
  • Leto room (seats 30 people)
  • Charitini room (seats 30 people)
New school building
  • Conference/Multi-purpose room
    (seats 130 people)
Chatzigianneio building
  • Library
Provataris building (“Konstantinos Sofoulis” room)
  • Teaching Room (seats 90 people)
Students’ housing facilities
  • Students’ housing facilities
  • Dining hall

Life on the Island

The geographical particularity of Samos island lies in the fact that, unlike other Greek islands, it has two major towns; Karlovasi to the west and Vathi to the east.

Karlovasi is a town with a very rich historical past and a dynamic present and future. It is located 35km west of the capital city, Samos (Vathi). It has a big port, numerous administration offices and buildings, and is considered the commercial center of the island. Its population stands at about 10,000 people, 2,500 of which are members of the university community (students, teaching and administrative staff, etc.), transforming the town into a broader university campus. Someone who lives in Karlovasi needs no more than 15 minutes to go anywhere (for work or leisure), and enjoying a cup of coffee near the beach is a common everyday ritual.